Nathanael Buwalda

Nathanael Buwalda is Business development manager at Fenêtre Online Solutions, the IT supplier with over 17 years of experience. Expertise in the design and development of user-friendly web-based business applications, online portals, websites, mobile apps and providing consultancy and system integrations.

Fenêtre is a certified:

  • Microsoft Silver Partner
  • Progress Sitefinity Partner
  • Umbraco Partner 

Clients Fenêtre works for are: 

  • Care: GGD Haaglanden, De Opbouw, Lyvore, Prinsenstichting, Villa Pardoes. 
  • Education: Nyenrode Business University, Tias Business School, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, OnderwijsAdvies. 
  • Government: Province of South Holland, Municipality of The Hague, Miniserie VWS, Diamant group. 
  • Financial service providers: AIG, Delta Lloyd, Amlin, Concordia de Keizer, Lengkeek. 
  • Business service providers: Livewords, Start People, BMC Advies.