Flexible Agile project approach

Together we determine the requirements and wishes of your new application and go through the application development process. We translate the requirements of the application into the necessary functionalities and screens using an interaction design and prototype. Only then are the correct components selected via the Silicon Low Code platform and do we generate the software. The application is continuously expanded in short sprints, new functionalities are immediately delivered and used. The quality of the application is guaranteed with automatic testing software.

SMART development

We develop innovative custom software with the Silicon Low Code platform. We make a smart combination of software generation, self-developed and purchased components, open source and existing online cloud services. Instead of spending hours of unnecessary programming, we generate well-structured and error-free code with our software generator. This approach allows us to deliver high-quality software that fully suits your organization, with short delivery times and value for your investment.

SMART development illustrated

Out-of-the-box functionalities

Silicon Low Code has a number of default functionalities such as the dashboard, menu, modules, rights and login options. It is possible to import Excel files, add payment modules, create reports and integrate our workflow and forms application Diamond Forms, Flows & Docs. The application has been developed with a focus on user-friendliness, for example it has maintenance screens where you can save search selections for later use. The platform can be used in multiple languages ​​and includes automatic translation options.

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Silicon low code applicatie interface

Countless applications

This way of generating software can be applied in various ways, use it to modernize multiple applications or connect applications together. Or to develop ERP software, CRM applications, administrative applications, task and workflow systems in your company that precisely match your unique business processes. Setting up project software and online collaboration tools is also possible. For an optimal process, we connect existing systems to the new application. Customized software makes it possible to develop a solution that fits perfectly with all aspects of your organization.

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