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Software generation

With Silicon software is generated according to a clear 3-tier architecture. The front-end, business logic and data storage layers are independent modules. This makes the application easy to manage, maintain and the elements can be tested separately.

With this low code platform, software development is considerably faster than traditional software development. We achieve this by working smart, we use the Agile and DevOps project approach and only apply customization where it is necessary.

Software components

By combining software generation with standard components, we save a lot of time for our customers. Among others, we use:

  • Self-developed software products and components to enable, for example, dynamic forms, workflow and document generation
  • Purchased components
  • Proven open source software
  • Reliable online cloud services such as online payment providers, authentication services, data suppliers, video services or factoring.

Scrum, Agile and DevOps

Our multidisciplinary team of developers ('Development') and administrators ('Operations') work closely together and are responsible for the development and management of software. This way we get more done in less time and new versions can go into production daily if desired. Because we use the latest techniques, small adjustments or future developments are easy to implement.

Out-of-the-box functionalities

  • Personal dashboard, menu, extended users, roles and rights.
  • High-level security with various password settings and login options such as single-sign-on and two-way authentication.
  • User-friendly overview and management screens with own, reusable search filters.
  • Multilingual interface, adjustable per user.
  • Exchange with Word, Excel, Outlook, PDF and SPSS.
  • Seamless integration with online cloud services, and with our own purchased and open source software components.
  • Management of organisations, departments, roles and users.
  • Reporting tool to compile your own online reports.
  • Scheduler to run tasks automatically.

Outside of this list, Silicon contains many more functionalities that make the development of applications and software considerably faster. Legacy business applications can be easily refreshed with a modern interface, speed, and up-to-date security.

Is low code your software solution?

Contact us today to discuss all the possibilities. Our experts are here to help.

Nathanael Buwalda)