Our Diamond Forms, Flows & Docs forms software goes further than other forms solutions. Diamond includes many unique features such as

  • Advanced digital forms software
  • Workflow tools
  • Document generation
  • Complete branding options
  • Digital signing
  • Extensive marketing tools
  • Links with APIs
  • Links with all known databases

Go digital and increase the loyalty of your relations, respond quickly to market developments, optimize your processes, work more efficiently and comply with all compliance rules with ease. View all benefits and functionalities on the Diamond website.

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Your benefits

Software that fits

Do you use many different types of forms within your organization? Is the same data entered and used in various systems by different departments and employees? Online workflows solve this problem, with our data-connector you can link everything together and set up straight through processing.

Work more efficiently

Employees doing unnecessary work where information is processed twice costs a lot of time for your organization. By simplifying this digitalization, you have more time to focus on your core business.

Automate workflows

The data entered by your relations is often relevant to multiple departments within your organization and is processed via fixed procedures. Workflows offer the option of completing the necessary steps automatically, so that the exchange of information runs efficiently.

Optimize as you go

What if, after a form has gone live, it turns out that something still needs to be changed? With our Diamond forms it is possible to adjust the form at any time! And the different versions are automatically merged when exporting. Edit everything, whenever you want.

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