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More than 500,000 websites already use Umbraco CMS. This CMS is suitable for small entrepreneurs, SMEs and self-employed people. But large organizations such as Peugeot, Heinz and Funda also use this content management system.

Umbraco is constantly being developed and there are many free or affordable extensions available. Your website can be expanded with additional functionalities such as a webshop or forms. Umbraco is optimized for search engines so that your site is easily found. With Umbraco your website can be easily styled and is responsive so it works well on all devices.

Your benefits of Umbraco websites

  • User-friendly interface with drag-and-drop system to build pages.
  • Preview changes on desktop, tablet and mobile before publishing.
  • Flexible workflow for the editorial process.
  • Autoscale images.
  • Create your own online forms.
  • Search engine friendly.
  • Can be linked to numerous external systems such as Mailchimp, Spotler and AFAS.
  • Suitable for customization.
Umbraco websites

Combine with Ucommerce for online stores

Ucommerce is a scalable e-commerce platform that fully integrates with Umbraco. It combines the content of the website with the products from the webshop. This way you manage your website and online sales channel all in one place. The entire back-office of Ucommerce is integrated into the management part of Umbraco, so you do not have to keep switching between systems. More than 3,000 brands worldwide (including Reebok, Heinz and Wolters Kluwer) already use the Ucommerce platform.

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