Create and manage tasks

Workboard has a modern, professional web interface, a dashboard with a clear task list. In addition to the standard Workboard tasks, custom tasks can also be added.
The dashboard consists of:

  • Status overview
  • Work inventory, tasks (not yet) assigned
  • Deadlines of processes and tasks
  • History of processes and tasks

Flexible and workable

A central theme to Workboard is its workability. is central, the processes can be applied to every process, now and in the future. To make this possible, Workboard has unique functionalities that match your flexible work processes. Tasks can be assigned and transferred to one or more colleagues. Tasks can be set as optional or mandatory. And for complex flows, processes within processes can be set up with subtasks.

The benefits of Workboard


Hosting in the Netherlands or in-house (AVG, GDPR-proof).

Ease of use

Clear dashboard with reports, users, rights and roles.


Tasks with a mandatory sequence or to be scheduled by users themselves


Multilingual, scalable and accessible everywhere.

Do you want to apply Workboard in your organisation?

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your options for process management.

Nathanael Buwalda)