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In our latest survey, we received a customer satisfaction rating of 4.5 stars!

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Unique method

Working with Fenêtre is a unique experience. Thanks to our unique method, we think from your perspective, your organisation, people and technology. We think it's important that your software works and reaches its full potential.
All our project were successfully completed, and not everyone in the IT industry can say that.

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Scrum en Agile methods

In a Scrum project we develop software in well-defined parts (sprints) where the functionality is determined per sprint. We do this with the help of prototypes, which are drawn up together with your experts. The priorities are determined together with you using the MoSCoW method.

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Technology stack

Technology stack

As a early adopter, Fenêtre uses innovative techniques and methodologies that have already proven themselves in practice. We work with Open Source products from Google and Microsoft, among others. The continuity and maintenance of the software is thus guaranteed, even if you stopped being our client.

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Fenêtre has a strong belief in collaboration. This way everyone can focus on their strenghts. Our continuously growing partner network includes organizations that provide services that complement and enhance our product portfolio.

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Partners van Fenêtre


Fenêtre was started in 2004 by Roger Hendriks and Eric Kruis with the ambition to provide customers with high-quality online solutions that work. In 2006 we became a BV.
By starting from the organization, the human factor and the possibilities of technology, the solutions of Fenêtre are always a success for our customers.

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Responsible entrepeneurship

We like innovative modern technology, which is why Fenêtre is a gold sponsor of vuejs.org, an independent community-driven project, maintained by a team of contributors and volunteers from all over the world.

In addition to our regular activities, we also work with local charities and organizations. For example, we offer organizations affiliated with the CBF a discount on our rates. In the past we have sponsored various charities such as the Top Key, the village dinner organized by Rotary Laren, Villa Pardoes affiliated with the Efteling, the Roparun, De Hond Kan De Was Doen Foundation, UVS Football Club Leiden, Make A Wish Foundation and the Alpe d HuZes of the KWF.

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We are always available by e-mail and telephone, our employees respond promptly and think along with you. Our user-friendly Supportnet, where we collaborate online with customers on their solutions and application support, contributes to this. For example, if you have a wish, you can easily register this via Supportnet. Can't figure it out? Then we will look with you via Microsoft Quick Assist.

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