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Digital solutions to grow your organization

In need of an online solution such as enterprise software, mobile app or online portal and website? Thanks to our flexible Agile project approach, you are closely involved in all phases of your project. Moreover, our service does not stop at delivery. With our proactive support incidents are handled before you even notice them.

In short: Are you looking for suitable advice, a perfect portal or an online application? Fitting your business and not the other way around? So you can continue doing what you are good at? Delivered within budget and planning? Choose Fenêtre.

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Switching to new software is not something you do overnight.
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Focus on your business

Can your internal IT department not keep up with new developments? Is knowledge lost by constantly hiring external parties? Outsourcing can help. The development and management of your applications, websites and apps is in the hands of professional, trusted, experienced developers, designers and project managers. In close cooperation with your specialists, we work on the realization and management of your software challenges.

Resulting in a faster respond to market changes, using the latest innovative technology and operational flexibility. Making it easy for you to focus on your own core business. 

Outsourcing for us is a long term commitment. Making clear service levels. By using a modern web-based support network. Providing all documentation and related information online. Professional, clear and efficient.

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Integrate your processes

System integration offers the possibility to link applications together. Making it possible for your clients to use straight through processing. The advantage of system integration and links is clear: data is handled automatically and error-free which saves a lot of annoying manual work and prevents many frustrations for customers and employees. Existing applications provided with a new modern interface, will last for a long time.

Whether it is Exact, Peoplesoft, Payment systems, SharePoint, Office, Dynamics, Selligent CRM, Mailchimp, Dun & Bradstreet, Graydon, public web services, insurance systems, care packages, ERP packages or customized work, we have already linked it or made it accessible once before. We link everything to everything, no challenge is too big for us.

Your benefits

System integration

Link your applications together for automated and error-free data handling.

Online forms and workflows

Enable straight through processing with our Diamond Online Forms and workflows, save time, effort and prevent frustration for customers and employees.

Boost your time to market

Your software developed 3 times faster than through conventional methods, with our Silicon Low Code platform and SMART develoment.

Focus on your core business

You can focus on your core business while we take care of ours. With our experienced developers, designers and project managers your software challenges are handled professional, clear and efficient.

Create professional screenshots and screen recordings

Free Fenêtre Capture Tool

This free screen capture tool contains a number of unsurpassed functionalities such as the 'arrow with text', 'steps with numbers' and the 'fullscreen game mode'. Connect with Teams or Outlook to forward recordings directly to colleagues, easily and quickly explain complex problems, document procedures and forward error messages with screenshots. Our Fenêtre Capture Tool is now also available through the Windows Store!


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