Full service development

Fenêtre helps you with the entire mobile app development process, from initial concept to prototypes to roll-out and support. We provide back-end systems with which the app communicates and develop more complex links with your financial and payment systems. We are also no strangers to increasing interactive functionalities such as push messages. We develop your complete smartphone application, in accordance with all modern functional wishes and requirements, including a responsive design for both mobile and tablet users.

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App development approach

When developing an application, we determine priorities in advance together with you, to ensure that the final result meets your wishes and is in line with your target audience. The functionalities and screens are determined first, and based on these requirements and further developed into prototypes and interaction designs. When developing the application, we work in sprints, in which the various functionalities are developed, tested and ultimately put into production.

Techniques for smartphone apps

We work with proven platforms such as Microsoft Xamarin and .NET MAUI for developing mobile applications.

Both Xamarin and .NET MAUI are advanced frameworks from Microsoft in which the source code is reused. This allows us to reuse up to 80% of the code for multiple platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows tablets. With the reused code as a basis, the application can easily be expanded for all platforms, saving you time and costs in the development process.

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