Design and interaction

Every organization is different. We determine the desired operation of your website together with you. We ensure that our web designs meet your wishes and target group. We include the latest online design developments. When developing larger sites, in addition to sketches, we also make interaction and technical designs. Interaction design provides insight into which information is shown on which part of the site and how the site functions. The technical designs describe how the website will be linked to other systems.

Thanks to good preparation, construction starts efficiently. This means you lose less time and you can start using the new website as quickly as possible.

Portal and extranet 

A portal or extranet offers customers, suppliers, employees and other external relations the opportunity to collaborate and communicate securely online. Data is processed and shared quickly, securely and professionally. Through automation, users receive the right information at the right time, and the self-service principle means they experience no waiting times. You can also use a portal as an umbrella website for various underlying websites. Based on our years of experience in developing online portals for various companies, we develop your extranet or portal exactly the way you want it.

Responsive websites

A responsive website automatically adapts to work perfectly on all devices and screens. Responsive websites not only increase the user experience on mobile and tablet but also give your brand a higher ranking in Google.

Where necessary, your design can also be realized based on the mobile first principle, where the website is initially designed for mobile use and only then for desktop. This is the best choice if your target group is mainly reached via mobile.

Responsive website development


We build your website based on a proven content management system (CMS). In a CMS you can easily maintain all texts, images and videos yourself. The CMS systems we use have a very large number of basic functionalities and special wishes can easily be added. Based on your wishes, lead time, standards and budget, we determine together which CMS suits you best.

  • Umbraco CMS. An open source CMS, especially suitable for SMEs. Thanks to its very user-friendly interface, you can get started quickly.

  • Progress Sitefinity CMS. An extensive CMS that offers a lot of flexibility and links with applications such as Sharepoint and SalesForce.

Search Engine Optimalisation (SEO)

We are experts in optimizing websites for search engines. We ensure that the HTML is in perfect order, that social media links are applied, the correct URLs and sitemaps are created and that all other conditions are met to score high.

We are experts in SEO tools such as Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Tag Manager. We have extensive experience in optimizing websites for modern search engines and do everything we can to bring your website to the highest level. With our SEO report we show how well your site scores, also compared to your competitors.

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